EMC Team

eto Eto GvritishviliLawer.  Eto holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Tbilisi State University. She is currently enrolled in Master’s program of public law at Tbilisi State University. In 2014-2015 Ms Gvritishvili has worked as a lawyer at Transparency International Georgia-Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre.  In 2015, she held the position of a lawyer at LEPL Tbilisi Architecture Service.

Tel:(+995) 555 205 203
E-mail: e.gvritishvili@gmail.com

დეა Dea ZhghentiFinancial Manager. She is the alumna of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, faculty of Management and Microeconomics, Bachelor’s degree. She is the member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. She has seven years of experience in audit and consulting company BDO as a Senior Supervisor in Business services & outsourcing Department.

Tel: (+995) 591 115 800
E-mail: Dzhghenti@gmail.com

Tamta Mikeladze  – Civil and Political Rights Program Director/Human Rights Lawyer; Ms. Mikeladze received Bachelor’s degree in Public Law from the Faculty of Law at Tbilisi State University. She has worked at the Ministry of Justice (2006-2009), Security Council of Georgia (2009) and GYLA as a Strategic Litigation Lawyer (2009-2013). She is a co-author of the research: Analysis of Human Rights Violations during and Related to the Dispersal of the May 26 Assembly. She has been giving lectures on the Theories of Law and Philosophy at Tbilisi State University, Caucasus University and Agricultural University of Georgia

Tel: (+995) 593 40 90 05
E-mail: t.mikeladze@yahoo.com

Guram ImnadzeInstitutional Reform Support Program – Project Coordinator / Lawyer. Guram Imnadze graduated from the law faculty at I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in 2013. He has been studying the Master’s in Criminal Law since Fall 2013.Between the period 2012-2013 he was an intern at Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association. During the Fall 2013 he has been working at Transparency International – Georgia within the program of Criminal Court Monitoring.Guram is currently working at Human Rights Educating and Monitoring Center (EMC) as an expert within the project “The Influence of Drug and Gun related Offences on Criminal Justice”.

Tel: (+995) 595 07 19 01
E-mail: guro.imnadze@gmail.com

Lina Ghvinianidze – Social Rights Program Director/Human Rights Lawyer; Ms. Ghvinianidze received Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law at Tbilisi State University and Masters Degree in Democratic Governance and Rule of Law from Ohio Northern University. She has worked at Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association on anti-corruption and transparency projects and held the position of the Parliamentary Secretary (2008-2013). She is an author of several researches on corruption and transparency in Georgia. She was actively involved in drafting and advocating of the amendments to the Labor Code of Georgia, Law on Political Unions, Electoral Code and the Law on Common Courts of Georgia.

Tel: (+995) 599 209 960
E-mail: ghvinianidzelina@gmail.com

 mxtv Mariam Mkhatvari – Lawyer, Researcher. Mariam holds Bachelor of Laws with honors from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Public Law at Tbilisi State University. During her studies at Tbilisi State University she has been awarded excellence scholarship several times for high academic performance. Mariam also took part in various trainings, conferences and competitions on national as well as international level, such as Young women creating a safe world (Council of Europe), Creating a World without Violence: The Response of European Young Women (Council of Europe), Model International Criminal Court and others. Prior to joining EMC Team, Mariam worked as the Assistant of the Senior Program Manager at Eurasia Partnership Foundation, afterwards, she was a researcher on court practice at The Ministry of Justice of Georgia, and lastly, she worked as an invited specialist at the State Constitutional Commission (The Parliament of Georgia).

Tel: (+995) 555 216621
E-mail: m.mkhatvari@gmail.com

Sopho Verdzeuli – Institutional Reform Support Program Director / Human Rights Lawyer Mrs. Verdzeuli is a graduate of Law school at Georgian-American University (GAU). She received Masters Degree in International Law at Georgian Institute for Public Affairs (GIPA). Mrs. Verdzeuli has worked at Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (2009-2013) for Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project. Later, she worked on judicial system for an advocacy project at Georgian Lawyers for Independent Profession. She is a co-author of the publication “Judicial system in Georgia” and several reports prepared about a judiciary and criminal justice.

Tel: (+995) 555 562 555
E-mail: sophoverdzeuli@gmail.com

Tamar Chubabria – International Relations specialist
Tamar has participated in two exchange programs to Southeast Community College in the US and Charles University in Czech Republic. As a student, she was a member of the Board of the European Youth Parliament Georgia. Tamar had completed 3-month internships at South Caucasus Regional Office of Heinrich Boell Foundation and NATO-Georgia Professional As a student she was a member of the Board of the European Youth Parliament Georgia.Email: chubabria.tatuli@gmail.com
Maia BarkaiaGender Research Fellow; Ms. Barkaia currently pursues international Ph.D in Gender Studies from CSS, Tbilisi State University. She completed her B.A. in Oriental Studies from Institute of Practical Oriental Studies in 2008. In 2010 she obtained Master’s degree in Modern Indian History from Jawaharlal Nehru University. In 2011 she worked as a research intern at Centre for Social Research in India. She has contributed to some research projects on Prenatal Sex Selective Abortions, Policy Convergence for Women Workers (ILO project), Safe Cities and Surrogate Motherhood.
mari mochr Mariam BegadzeLawyer. Ms. Begadze holds Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law and Master of Laws (LLM) from Central European University. Under the bilateral agreement between TSU and Vilnius University, Mariam finished a semester at Vilnius University, Faculty of Law. She has done internships at UNDP Georgia, Transparency International Georgia and Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU). She was an interpreter for OSCE trial monitoring project and worked at the Office of Public Defender of Georgia on disability rights.

Tel: (+995) 598 775 575
E-mail: mbegadze@gmail.com

shota Shota Kincha –  Shota worked as an invited lecturer at the Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University, also as a media analyst, and as a freelance trainer in gender-based violence issues. He holds a Master’s Degree in Nationalism Studies from the School of Social and Political Science, the University of Edinburgh. Prior to that, he completed a Master’s program in Cultural Studies at the Tbilisi State University. His main research interests are nationalism and ethnicity studies, and politics of gender and sexuality, with an accent on Central and Eastern Europe. With regards to post-Communist space, Shota also follows issues of social movements and civil activism.

Email: shotakincha@gmail.com.

Lela GvishianiLawyer. She is currently the student of I. Javakhishvi State University Masters course in private law. In 2012, Lela was an assistant to the legal aid center lawyer at Young Georgian Lawyers’ Association. In 2013, she was an intern at Court of Appeals.
lika Lika Jalagania – Civil and Political Rights Program – Project Coordinator. Lika has received Bachelor degree in Law and Master degree in International Law from the faculty of law at Tbilisi State University. During her studies she has been the practitioner at Tbilisi City Court and Ministry of External Affairs of Georgia at the department of UN.  Ms. Jalagania has more than 3 years’ experience working in SCO’s as lawyer/researcher, she has worked as the advocacy coordinator at the USAID founded project “promoting gender equality in employment”.  Lika is an author and co-author of several research analysis and policy papers on the issues of minorities, gender discrimination and violence against women.  Currently, Lika is working at Human Rights Educating and Monitoring Center (EMC) as an expert within the EU founded project “LGBTI solidarity network between Armenia and Georgia”.
Tel: +995 596 116 566
E-mail: likajalagania@gmail.com
anano Anano Tsartsidze Administrative Manager. Anano has received Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (2011), currently, she is studying to gain MA degree in Tourism Management at Ilia State University. Anano has significant experience of working with international volunteers as a project assistant at the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia within the program “Teach and Learn with Georgia”. She has the international experience of working on the EVS project in Estonia at Omatsirkus (2013-2014).

Tel: +995 599 42 77 99
E-mail: ananotsartsi@gmail.com


Elene  Kharazashvili  – Communication and Public Relations Manager. Elene received her Master’s degree in Communication and Management from Toulouse 1 Capitole University. She also holds Bachelor’s degree in French Language from Ilia State University and Master’s degree in Public Management from French Institute for Administration and Management.Elene has worked at Liberali and held the position of Communication Manager (2014-2016). Between the period 2011-2013 she worked at Media House Dekom (“Tskheli Shokoladi”, “Liberali”, Magazine Business, radio “Shokoladi”) as a Sales and Marketing Manager.

Tel: +995 (77) 29 10 03
E-mail: Kharazashvilielene@gmail.com

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