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About Organization

Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) is an organization working on human rights aiming to support creation of free, equal society based on solidarity. For the social transformations, EMC creates and supports solidarity platform, which integrates the different groups, activists and organizations working of emancipatory policy.

Organization aims to reveal the structural causes of social and political inequality, oppression, conduct critical analysis as well as change existing policy by using human rights instruments and activist fighting methods.

We believe in freedom, equality and solidarity of the society, social and economic justice, in the idea of state as a guarantor of social justice and welfare. We fight for getting inclusive and fair democratic system based on political participation. 

Organization has four program directions and works on social policy, equality policy, justice and democracy as well as critical policy issues.

The aim of Social Policy Program is to promote developing political, economic and social system based on social justice, equality and solidarity.

The aim of Equality Policy Program is to create fair, equal and dignified political and social human rights environment for oppressed groups.

The aim of Justice and Democracy Program is to support forming the judicial system based on human rights, justice and high social sensitivity.

The aim of Critical Policy Program is to create the policy based on critical approach through synthesizing the theory and practice.

The major instruments of organizational activities: research, advocacy, strategic litigation, teaching. EMC in its activities uses the approaches of social groups’ participation as well as their mobilization. EMC tries to support and incorporate their needs, concerns and demands into the political agenda.

Organization has horizontal and democratic form of governance and it is governed by the board of directors. EMC makes significant decisions collectively with the rest of the staff members. 





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