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„Equality Coalition” is non-formal unity, which was formed in 2014 while adopting the law on “Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination” by Open Society Georgia Foundation and unites several non-governmental organizations. The aim of coalition is strengthening the mandate of antidiscrimination mechanism and promoting effective struggle against discrimination. Apart from ensuring the legal assistance and strategic litigation programs for various groups, the member organizations annually monitor the work of equality mechanism and present recommendations to the relevant agencies. Coalition member organizations are actively involved in the advocacy processes both on local and international levels. They actively cooperate with Public Defender’s Office of Georgia and they carry out several campaigns for the awareness raising purposes.

EMC was a chair organization between 2016-2017 years.

Member Organizations

  • Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC);
  • Identoba;
  • Article 42 of the Constitution;
  • Union Sapari;
  • Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA);
  • Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG);
  • Partnership for Human Rights.