An incident between police and local peopleoccurredon April 14th in Tsikhisdziri. Police officers stopped andsearched a wife and a husband living in Tsikhisdziriwith the purpose to inquirerepresentatives of which religion groupthey were. During the communicationverbalinsult as well as threat on religious grounds also took place.

According to the information obtainedthroughthe people living inTsikhisdziri, they heard gun shots and physical andverbal insultsmade by policementowardother citizens as well.

Ministry of Defense made the statement aboutthe incident, mentioningdismissalofthe officials from theirpositions andstarting the investigation.

EMC is concerned about the occurredincidentand considers this fact to be a natural continuation of the anti-Muslimapproachthathas recently become common in different groups of society.

Increased number of confrontations towardsreligion groupsshowsthat this is not just onetime misconduct. The systematicproblem of society is obvious. And this fact directs the stateto the obligationto make positive actionsto establish tolerance and solidarity in society.

EMC calls on the relevant agencies to makeeffective investigation. The abovementionedincident contains signs of crimecommitted on the grounds of hatred, and this needs adequate reactions from thestate.

EMC wants to express concerntowardsintolerant and non-solidarityattitude existing in the part of society regardingtheexceptional groups.