The given document is the overview of the so-called ‘third wave’ changes in case distribution in common courts, the decision of the High Council of Justice and subsequent amendments in it, as well as the functioning of the rule of case distribution in pilot regime. In addition, the overview assesses the performance of the new electronic system of case allocation in courts across entire country which was launched in December 31, 2017.

The analysis of the amendments made by the High Council of Justice into the document up to the present day, as well as observation of the operation of the rule in pilot regime and the new program across the country, has pointed to several challenges:

  • Implementation of non-systemic, fragmented amendments and increase of the exceptional cases;
  • The principle of random allocation of cases is not ensured in all courts;
  • The chairmen of courts have retained obscure and problematic authorities;
  • In case of the disruption of the case allocation system, cases are distributed according to the flawed rule.

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