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Number Of Pages: 250

Publication Year: 2018

ISBN: 97899418 07275



This study consists of six parts. The first part reflects the historical process of development of the existing view on the importance of social rights, as the right to adequate housing takes one of the leading roles here. The second part shows the standards set by the international documents and the constitutions of other countries. The third part, by taking into consideration the previous parts, specifies and sums up the modern content of the right to adequate housing and presents the fundamental principles of its implementation. The fourth part examines the definitions of international or national courts under conditions where the document specifying the rights does not contain a record on the right to adequate housing. The fifth part of the document reviews important definitions of national constitutional control organs, which, in turn, creates the experience and practice of realizing the right to adequate housing. The sixth part focuses on the need for the state to consider the interests and needs of specific groups.