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Tamta is one of the founders of EMC. Since the foundation of EMC, she has been the member of the Board of Directors and led the organisation with other programme directors. She is responsible for the management and coordination of the Equality Policy Programme. The programme is preoccupied with matters relating to antidiscrimination policy, the oppression of non-dominant groups (religious and ethnic minorities, as well as LGBT people) and their exclusion at the political, social and discursive levels. In so doing, the programme employs the instruments of research, advocacy, strategic litigation and dissemination of knowledge.  As the programme director, Tamta’s immediate commitment is the strategic development of the programme, of its vision and agenda, as well as ensuring the mobilization of financial resources and coordinating and supporting the programme staff.

Professional Experience

2015-present: Associate Professor- Ilia State University

2009-2013: Lawyer of strategic litigation at the European Court of Human Rights and as a human rights researcher - Georgian Young Lawyers' Association (GYLA);

2009: Advisor to the National Security Council;

2005-2009: Advisor at the Department for State Representation at the European Court of Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

Tamta is the author/supervisor of up to 10 studies/reports concerning the freedom of assembly and religious freedom, secularism, the state of the legal rights of the LGBTI people, and anti-discrimination policies.


2006-2008: Master of Public Law - Tbilisi State University;

2002-2006: Bachelor of Law - Tbilisi State University.

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