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About the program

Program aim is to support forming the judicial system based on human rights, justice and high social sensitivity. Which has solid institutional basis for independence and accountability and is free from political and other types of power influence. The establishment of a human rights based justice could be achieved through the democratic arrangements and functioning of the state institutions and governance system, which also represents the sphere of the program activity.

Justice and Democracy Program works on the reform of state institutions, which political instrumentalization, concentration of excess power and existence of social control cleavages are threat for free, equal, fair and dignified environment. Among the program activities are law enforcement agencies, security sector, judicial system, where the facts of human rights violation, arbitrariness and offence are revealed in the most severe forms.

Through systemic reform advocacy,  program aims to create:

  • Independent and fair judicial system;
  • Human rights based police system;
  • Depoliticized Prosecutor’s Office;
  • Accountable and balanced security sector;
  • Humane drug policy.

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