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About the program

The aim of the social policy program is to support creation of the political, social and economic system based on justice, equality and solidarity principles.

In order to create the state policy based on the welfare, introduce the principles for fear distribution of resources and promote equal opportunities for development the social rights system, program works for systemic development, actualization of social policy issues and for making its discourse stronger.

For achieving above stated goals, program seeks to identify structural causes of economic and social oppression through multilateral research approach, program aims to describe the social and economic exclusion of oppressed groups among which are employees, homeless people and persons with disabilities, program purpose is also to reveal the needs of these people and incorporate them into the political agenda. The social policy program mutually employs the working method like sociological and legal research, strategic litigation, advocacy, knowledge and experience sharing; Program on the one hand tries to influence social policies and on the other hand, it tries to strengthen the target groups, provide new knowledge, manage self-organization, coordination and increase their representation in the public policy processes.

Social Policy Program works in the following direction:

  • Labor policy and labor rights;
  • Policy against homelessness and the rights to housing;
  • The rights of the persons with disabilities.

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