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About the program

The aim of the Equality Policy Program is to create fair, equal and dignified human rights, political and social environment for the affected groups.  Apart from this, program aim is to comprehensively examine the oppression and exclusion of the non-dominant groups on political, social and symbolic levels and incorporate their needs, concerns and demands into the political agenda.

This program works on anti-discriminatory policies, religious and ethnic minorities as well as on LGBTI issues and women’s rights within these groups. With the aim of improving the conditions of human rights conditions of the above listed groups and supporting their political inclusion, program simultaneously uses the working methods like research, advocacy, strategic litigation, teaching and community empowerment and participatory based approaches.

The program topics which relate to religious freedom are quite broad and includes: secularism, the arbitrary policy of the State Agency for Religious Affairs, crossing issue of security and religion, discriminatory policy of restitution, issues related to funding the religious organizations in a discriminatory and non-secular way, issued related to religious neutrality and equality in public schools. Program actively works on the problem of political and social exclusion of Muslim communities living in Georgia (Adjara, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Pankisi) and also supports their civic and political participation. At the same time, the program seeks to promote rethinking of the role of religions and their involvement in public discussions and in struggle for reaching social justice.

The program work on ethnic minorities, mostly includes the issues related to the impact on political representation, participation as well as social and economic marginalization. In addition, program tries to study the model of the state integration policy and narrative and institutional framework.

With the aim of improving the rights of LGBTI people, the program seeks to promote political and legal changes by analyzing the state policy, by advocacy as well as by employing the instruments of strategic litigation. The working topics of organization is quite broad and includes: the policy based on protection of the rights of victims, hatred motivated crimes and their prevention, freedom of assembly, isolation of transgender people, social marginalization of LGBTI people, poverty, education and the issues related to economic vulnerability.  In order to support queer activism, the program seeks to criticize existing queer agenda and encourage discussions by organizing queer forums for creating inter-sectional queer agenda. Program actively cooperates with the LGBTI community organizations, feminist, green and leftist groups.

Gender issues are indirectly incorporated with the program topics in the light of ethnic, religious and LGBTI minority issues and program aim is to examine the specific kind of oppression and needs of women within these groups and to support their empowerment.


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