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Research based documentary film project

Budget: 23 975 ლარი

Duration: 2019 Year

Status: Ongoing

Facilitating Implementation of Reforms in the Judiciary (FAIR)

Budget: 267,780 EUR

Duration: 2018-2020 Year

Status: Ongoing

Advocating for Systemic Reforms of the Law Enforcement Agencies

Budget: 47 509 USD

Duration: 2018-2019 Year

Status: Completed

 Social Protest: Experience and Perspectives

Budget: 21,600 EUR

Duration: 2017 Year

Status: Completed

Increasing  Access to Justice for Discriminated Religious Communities

Budget: 78,744 USD

Duration: 2016-2017 Year

Status: Completed

Dissenting Voices: Combining Academia, Art and Activism

Budget: 31,850 USD

Duration: 2015-2016 Year

Status: Completed

Platform for Civic Activism

Budget: 31,123 USD

Duration: 2014-2015 Year

Status: Completed

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