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Budget: 27 000 GEL

Duration: 2019-2020 Year

Since September 2019, Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) with support from National Democratic Institute (NDI), commenced a new project “Strengthening ethnic minority political participation in Marneuli municipality through the participatory advocacy and capacity building of local community members”.

Project aims to promote political participation of ethnic minorities, through strengthening local activists/activists for social change and on local level to implement democratic participation mechanism through systemic and participatory advocacy. 


To achieve overarching goal, following objectives have been set:

  • To strengthen local activists/actors of social change through political participation, also to assist with the formation of an autonomous civil union – platform on participatory advocacy and issues regarding mobility.
  • On the local level to support the creation of democratic participatory mechanisms through systematic and participatory advocacy.


The project is being implemented in close cooperation with Community Radio “Marneuli” and the initiative group which unites local community activists and founders of Community Centers in 4 Georgian villages Khuldara, Kasumlo, Aghmamedlo and Kvemo Sarali. In cooperation with the initiative group, EMC plans to empower local, politically neutral activists with high social trust, to create experiences of political participation and to support instruments of democratic political participation. Certain activities will be also oriented towards strengthening local community centers.