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Budget: 23 975 ლარი

Duration: 2019 Year

Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) with the support of Heinrich Boll Stiftung Tbilisi office has started the project related to Research-Based Documentary Film production. For this purpose, EMC has started a collaboration with German-based Georgian documentary directors and artists - Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze and Tekla Aslanishvili.

The aim of the research-based documentary film is to use the scientific approaches and artistic improvisation in order to uncover the vital and globally debatable issues related to extractive and mining activities, its socio-economic aspects and ecological consequences. Therefore, Extraction as the main thematic umbrella for documentary film production will tackle various research directions and thematic outlooks.

 It will explore the Georgian landscapes of extraction, everyday practices related to extractive and mining work, grievances of local communities/workers living in the frontlines of extraction, and the international tendencies that sustain the global infrastructural as well as a financial chain of extraction, transportation, financial interests, trade, negotiations, etc.

Using the theoretical and conceptual apparatuses for analyzing the extractive industries, the research-based documentary film with stressing the most debatable and critical aspects of extraction that take place in the Georgian context, among them:

  1. How does extractive and mining activities affect the national economy and why is extraction activities commonly framed as the “curse” for the local communities?
  2. How does extractive activities affect the ecological and environmental landscapes of the extractive sites, and how does landscape modifications, on the other hand, alters the everyday life practices of local communities and workers;
  3. What are the technological, logistical and infrastructural practices/channels for extracting the mineral resource from the core of the earth to selling it on the global markets and finally manufacturing it as the final product?


The duration of the project is one and a half year and it will be finished for the second half of 2020. The budget of the research-based documentary film for the 2019 year is 23 975 GEL.