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Budget: 94,435 EUR

Duration: 2014-2016 Year

From June 2014, Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) with Georgia’s Democratic Initiation (GDI) and Tolerance and Diversity Institute (TDI), started implementing coalition project.

Project “Advancing Tolerance, Religious Freedom and Human Rights in Georgia” is financed by the Kingdom of Netherlands. The project aims to analyse human rights situation in the country. Freedom of religious will be the main focus in this process. The coalition will work on recommendations for relevant agencies and will start process based on the basic principles of advocating for equality, secularism and against discrimination.

In the frameworks of the project EMC will publish 2 annual reports about the situation of freedom of religion in Georgia. Apart from this there will be created inter-confessional working group where the arena for discussions will be granted to the representatives of religious and state organizations.

During 2 years free religious aid will be given to any representatives of religious minorities and in case of finding any important systemic violations, EMC will implement strategic litigation.

Simultaneously, for strengthening the members of religious organizations, EMC will conduct trainings across Georgia about the international or local standards about the freedom of religious or advocating mechanisms for protecting appropriate rights. The guideline about the international standards of freedom of religion will be published in both Georgian and English languages.

In addition, for raising awareness about the religious minorities in the society, there will be made short videos about the human rights situation and civil values of the members of these groups.

Project duration:June 2014 - June 2017;

Project budget:94,435 EUR.